With the increasing competition of the mold manufacturing industry, the integration of large die manufacturing enterprises and capital operation is becoming more and more frequent, more and more mold manufacturing enterprises feel the importance of upgrading and transformation. Promote the upgrading and transformation of the mold manufacturing industry is not only the need to expand the scale and enhance the efficiency of the domestic mold manufacturing enterprises, but also the inevitable development trend of China’s mold manufacturing industry.

If cannot promote enterprise informatization level, then the mold manufacturing industry promote the transformation and upgrading will be an empty word, although the development of information technology in the industry calling for many years, but how to promote development of enterprise information, enhance the level of enterprise informatization has been is mould manufacturing industry is facing the bottleneck of. However, with the “die manufacturing” 3G platform on the line, it seems that the development of the mold manufacturing industry to find a way out.

Die manufacturing “3G platform is established on the basis of the mobile Internet, the platform integrates the mold manufacturing industry of the latest information, aimed at through the bridge function platform, to achieve seamless mold manufacturing enterprises and the vast number of consumers, at the same time, improve the mould manufacturing enterprise information management level.

“By the professional mobile Internet platform for 3G, mold manufacturing enterprises can realize the delivery of online orders, users to download and install the client, not only can whenever and wherever possible query mold manufacturing industry information, and on the platform of product selection and also in the platform to complete the transaction ordering. As a
result, a breakthrough in the mold manufacturing enterprises rely on traditional trading
channels under the line mode, and enhance the level of information management.” Industry veteran expert Luo Lixi said.

In the view of Luo Lixi,mold manufacturing industry in the transformation and upgrading of the problem solved firstly in the process is implemented with mobile integration of the development of the Internet and e-commerce, and die manufacturing “3G platform means that the first step in mold manufacturing industry has taken the transformation and upgrading of the, die manufacturing platform can not only promote the informatization level of the mold manufacturing enterprises, more important is to realize the sharing of mold manufacturing industry, advanced technology, help to promote the whole mold manufacturing the improvement of the technology level of the industry.

With the advent of the era of economic globalization, our country mold manufacturing industry inevitably involved into the world economic system, to promote transformation and upgrading of mould manufacturing industry, is not only the inevitable trend of the development of the industry, is in the future global competition keep ahead of the main route. The development of mobile Internet to create an opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the mold manufacturing industry, the major mold manufacturing enterprises should accelerate the pace of integration with the mobile Internet, to seize the future market opportunities.