In our country, the self – sufficiency rate of high-end mold industry is seriously low, there is a gap between the design and research, materials technology, parts and other aspects of the world advanced countries. And benefit from the national industrial policy,
the huge demand for the downstream industry for China’s mold industry has won a valuable opportunity
for development, and constantly improve the consumption capacity and regional revitalization plan spawned infrastructure construction and other factors. China’s automobile market and construction machinery market in a fairly long period of time will still maintain good growth, which determines the good prospects of China’s mold Market growth.

Mold industry is a need to introduce the industry’s commitment to quality, improvement in the market when, we on the quality of service and should pay more attention to. The user is more thoughtful and enthusiasm, a corporate brand is often established when the market is good, is often lost in the market period.

In addition, we must continue to open up new areas of
service and expand exports, in a good market, we are likely to open up new areas. Mold industry enterprises to play a technical and manufacturing advantages, not just product advantages, because the mold tool industry showed a machine tool industry, we should not only do users of Technology Division, but also to do new technology incubator, continue to promote industry development. It is reported that the level of the tool industry itself depends on the level of innovation ability, personnel quality and enterprise quality improvement.

In recent years, restructuring,restructuring has some initial results, hard to come by. In the face of increased market demand at the same time, still have to sober look at the market, steady development, or to grasp the former, after grasping, carefully grasp the ability. China to become a manufacturing market, rather than the processing market, the mold industry should also be a correct view of this problem.